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Brain test with math equation

Can you solve this equation with ball, clock and the fan?

Be careful, think twice before you give the answer or before you see it.

Short answer

Short answer




There are three balls and their sum is 18. So one ball is 6.

There are three clocks and their sum is 9. So one clock is 3.

There are 3 fans and the equation result is 6. Value for one fan is 3 because 3×3-3=6.

So you would assume that the last result would be 3×6-3=15 and the value to be 15.

It is not like that…

The clock shows 2 o’clock and its value is 2. Also the ball doesn’t have 6 black slices, but it has only 3. It’s value is 3. And the propeller has only two of three blades so it’s value is 2.

The final equation becomes 2×3-2=?

And it’s​ simple now: the final result is 4.

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